C2H4 releases yet another spectacular Fall Winter 18 collection, “System on Carbon,”.

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C2H4® 18 Fall/Winter “System on Carbon” Lookbook 1st Drop will be available Sep 27th at 7PM PST The name “System on Carbon” comes from the “System on Chip” term in computer science. All computer system is built on binary numbers (0 and 1) and information is stored on chips. We found that human being actually has very similar features to computers. Composed of mostly carbon and oxygen, human body is built on the “system” of DNA—which is coded with four nitrogen-containing nucleobases (cytosine [C], guanine [G], adenine [A] or tymine [T]). Therefore, just like computer system, human body can also be broken down into a series of codes. This leads to questions that are more philosophical about the human origin and existence. Maybe human being are just a different type of machine that someone else created.

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The collection blends C2H4’s utilitarian style with a cutting-edge, chemist aesthetic. Using muted colors and inverted stitching patterns, System of Carbon highlights the concealed structure by exposing the components that shape the silhouette.

External pockets and patches in contrasting colors are visible throughout the collection. On the shirts, jackets, and bottoms, detailed adjustment straps are visible down the sleeves and across the hood for tightening. For the first time, C2H4 has introduced a detachable scarf that features sleeves and a hood, which links onto jackets and bottoms using a zipper element. Other highlights from the collection include reflective fabrics, detailed human tech spec patches, and rubber toxicity circuit panels.

The collection is now available for purchase online at www.c2h4losangeles.comand will be available at select boutiques around the world later this year.