While the story of A$AP Bari allegedly sexually assaulting a woman on video is still making its way across the Internet, one interested party has already weighed in on the situation. Ian Connor, who infamously fought A$AP Bari in public at a VLONE event last summer and has suffered his own sexual assault allegations, is currently experiencing extremely deep schadenfreude.

What we know about Ian’s case is that reportedly A$AP Bari, jealous of Connor’s rising fame surpassing his own in the fashion world, paid the woman (and others) to spread false rape allegation about the former “King of the Youth.” Connor suggests he has more information on Bari but is refusing to share it, taking the high road and being positive. Whether this is all performative to recover his own damaged public image is anyone’s guess, but suddenly A$AP Bari’s assault accusation has a lot more evidence attached to it than any of Ian Connor’s multiple accusations.

We have been following how the public has been reacting and came across a few interesting posts on the Internet. On this particular one below even Ian Connor responded and expressed his appreciation.


As we all know, Ian always tweet his thoughts and these were his words on that particular moment.

Looks like Ian Connor has truly become a better version of himself, has moved on and keeps, as mentioned on his Instagram bio “moving different”.