It’s been over four years since Kanye West and Nike unveiled the all-red Nike Air Yeezy 2. Dubbed as the “Red Octobers,” the shoe was the end of a short-lived but explosive era between Mr. West and the Swoosh brand.

However, it looks as though Yeezus just rose again. Despite his contract with adidas, Kanye aims to trademark the iconic colorway he and Nike cooked up. If the trademark is approved, we could potentially see a plethora of Yeezy “Red October” merchandise, accessories, and yes, maybe even some shoes.

Many businesses try to trademark their business name, their logos and any slogans they have as a way to build their brand up and become easily recognisable. The branding of a small business is crucial for its growth over time and trademarking makes it possible for them to build their brand. It’s why everyone knows that a product is Nike’s if it has their tick on it because no other company can use it. If you’re a business that needs help with trademark registration then you may need to see some business lawyers in orange county. Making your own product can be an exciting time but make sure that you protect your business by using the right trademark. This is something that Kanye has to think about as he is wanting to trademark the iconic colorway. Hopefully, he will get it approved soon so he can release a new range of “Red October” merchandise.

Would you like to see West and the Three Stripe Brand create some adidas “Red Octobers”? Let us know what you would like to see out of a potential adidas x “Red October” collab in the comments. Read more about the trademark here and stay tuned for more details.