Causing a lot of attention on social media due to his unique look and tattoos, we have decided to meet and introduce you to – Robert Molina Jr., also known as “Chance” from Bronx Ink — the tattoo artist with the Louis Vuitton designs on his head. A multi-faceted tattoo veteran with over 17 years of experience in cover up tattoos, known for his all-exclusive free-style artwork.

Chances’ fascination with art began through his interactions with his father who shared his love of horror films and magazines as a pastime. His best childhood memory includes being mesmerized by infamous Fangoria Magazine which led him into his first works of graffiti and then tattooing.

The tragic event of his father’s death has shaped the artist into who he is today and the teardrop tattoos (his first tattoo) on each side of his face commemorate the feeling of “never stop crying for you” dedicated to the loss of his father. His mother passed away years later and as a 20 year death anniversary to her, he tattooed her favorite fashion obsession on his head – the Louis Vuitton Monogram logo. 

Chance loves to stay “in his own lane” and he expresses that mostly throughout art. He wears his own designs most of the time as he likes the feeling that no body else has it and you cannot buy it in any store. He gets all kind of attention from people about his head tattoo, good and bad, but anything negative doesn’t bother him at all. “Those are usually people with no style whatsoever” – he says. It took him 8 hours in total to finish the head tattoo and was the most painful of all tattoos he’s got.

Chance would start offering tattoos to his Bronx neighbors for free. His craft began to be recognized by locals and requests started picking up. He soon realized he was making much more money as a tattoo artist compared to his day job. From then on, he decided to tattoo as a professional career renting a small corner in a beauty salon and demand for his work has been rising ever since.

Today, BRONX INK (344 East 149th Street in the Bronx, NYC)  is one of the most well known tattoo parlors in the world. Chance has had the pleasure of working on an array of people including underground music artists, hip hop street dancers, famous influencers, etc. This has caused his business and shop to be constantly busy and even though walks in are always welcomed – appointments are highly recommended. 

Chase also loves to read, mostly on spiritual, motivational, and personal growth topics. One of the books that has changed his life was The Big Book of Faith that has helped him to stop smoking cigarettes.

He hopes to get the opportunity to collaborate with his idols  Birdman and Whiz Khalifa as well as to get a chance to work with one of his favourite brands – Louis Vuitton, which would also be a great honour to his mother. 

Photo credit: Chance’s Instagram